The 2021 Hunt 1000 Contingency Route

The 2021 Hunt 1000 Contingency Route

Jorja Creighton ·

With the possibility of the Hunt1000 being postponed due to border closures. I have come up with a contingency plan. Here are all the details I can offer you at this time. This page will be updated as we get closer. 

What to know; 

  1. Starting at Walcha, NSW between the same dates at the HUNT 1000 this year - the aim is to have a grand starting between the dates 20th - 27th of November. To finish in Walcha on the 4th of December.
  2. The route is still being worked on, it is called the New England High Country 1000 (or something like that) a short description ;
      1. Has greater amount of resupply than the HUNT1000 - stopping in the New England townships. 
      2. Uses primarily country roads, and national parks. 
      3. This route is not as heavy duty as the Hunt and I would say it has a greater rideable time ratio. 
  3. This is a free event, there won't be money charged, there will be minimal planning on my part due to the idea that the HUNT1000 will be run. There will be a starting point, a map, an open invite to anyone, and a finishing point. 

 If you have any burning questions email me and I can try and answer them.