Welcome to the new hot place on the internet

Welcome to the new hot place on the internet

Jorja Creighton ·

Hello new and old friends. Some might remember I had a website once - I ran it for two years or something bonkers and it was great! It really helped my writing ability. Or less my writing ability and more that I should return to words before posting. 

It was built with wordpress and while I like that platform it is a little more susceptible to disease and it is now nothing more than a dusty memory. There were some stories on that site I tell you. 

Maybe when I finally learn to code I can revive it. For now - it's hidden behind some sort of slot game that pops up. If you are looking for a computer virus go visit www.jambi-jambi.com 

But here we are - a full circle. www.jambi-jambi.com has evolved into the much more upmarket sounding www.jambijambi.com.

What you can expect? 

Not much, keep expectations low. 

I wont be returning to my words this post. So enjoy it in its raw and rubbish form.

Love jambi jambi 


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