Swift Ind. BTS Shoot

Swift Ind. BTS Shoot

Jorja Creighton ·
Swift Industries new bag range can be found here.
A small group of people rigged up with the latest products, put on the best western we could muster under limited conditions, and set out for the exposed ridge line to create some fresh looks for @swiftindustries latest range. 
Originally I was to be the model. Talent, Gritchelle, was due to be the photographer. The roles were rocked when Gritchelle took a fall and injured herself to the point of stitches. Sending my modelling career spiralling. 
Regrouping, Martina brilliantly thought of bringing all the people lingering after the WTF Gravel Camp - waiting for the Ruta Del Jefe that weekend - forward and putting them in front of the camera, me behind.
Everyone agreed. 
We had done some line dancing the evening before and Carley wore a cowboy hat on the tippy top of her head and the look...it shook me (below). Iconic (image by Gritchelle
A Spaghetti Western theme got stuck in my head after dancing along side Carley. Staying up late doing my googles on western and collecting some images to make the last minute photoshoot easier. 


I wanted distance and power from the characters I was trying to create. In charge, in control, self aware, skilled and elevated, flawed and aware of it, humbled by it. 

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