Walcha Gravel Ride 76km | 1 day

Walcha Gravel Ride 76km | 1 day

Jorja Creighton ·
These routes are a part of a collection of day and multi-day routes created by Jorja Creighton aka @jambi_jambi for Walcha Tourism. The day rides are offered with detail and are free to enjoy. The multi-day routes in greater detail; camping, resupply, water sources, and additional information can be bought through this website. 

 Boasting an impressive 83% gravel, this day ride is sure to cure those paved road mile blues.

This route is free! but if you feel the urge to donate since you had a great day or appreciate the information you can do so here;

What might seem like an unnecessary addition to the route; the small triangular detour through Walcha is purposeful. It is to showcase the old stock yards, built in the 1950’s. Plus it is a nice way to avoid the Oxley highway as long as you can. 
If you are anything like me, it takes about 15km to warm up; finally being able to drive some power into the pedals. Which comes at an opportune time in this route. The not so obvious decline in elevation makes you feel like the natural born athlete you are. Reach that God Level feeling.
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As Gods we meet the MacDonald river for the first time - the beautiful 169km long perennial river that flows mostly north west to meet the Namoi river and is a part of the Darling-Murray catchment. If it is a hot day, perhaps a cleansing swim?
While Willow tree’s are an annoying, destructive and invasive species, if you squint to look past their often diseased and greedy personalities - they do add a weeping beauty to the river banks. 
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Woolbrook, population is a booming 220, hosting a school of 20 children, the AIF Memorial Hall and St John’s church which was built in 1929. The Main North train line finished in 1882 runs through Woolbrook, the station having been closed at an unknown date in the 1990’s/2000’s. 
The heritage listed single-span wrought iron lattice rail bridge crosses the MacDonald River and is well worth a look...and a selfie if you are that way inclined. 
If you are a railway enthusiast and would like to see more of the Main North Line. You can make plans (as you climb up the quick-to-reward climb further along the route) to return to Walcha for the Walcha Grand South 4 day Tour. Where the train tracks weave over and under Danglemah Road. 
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Once you reach the top, you will get to enjoy the vast views of the Moonbi Ranges to the west. On a clear day you may be able to see right off the Northern Tableland Plateau.  
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The highest point in the route is on the pale, sandy road that runs through the protected Aberbaldie Nature Reserve. Aberbaldie Nature Reserve contains important habitat for an array of forest species in a relatively cleared farmland landscape. It is also a nice break from the pastures. Three threatened animal species, including the vulnerable Eastern False Pipistrelle Bat, and two bird species listed under international agreements have been recorded in the reserve. So consider bringing your pocket binoculars. 

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