Lower Snowy Mountains Yaouk Loop | 52.2 mile | 1 day

Lower Snowy Mountains Yaouk Loop | 52.2 mile | 1 day

Jorja Creighton ·

Yaouk Road and areas surrounding Adaminaby has some of the nicest connecting gravel roads I have ridden in Australia. 

This route is apart of something I am going to call The Super Jambo Grom Pre 200km Gravel Soiree Pre session. This Pre Session series are 5 routes that vary in length and get to know the area that is Super Jambo Country.

That is a joke. This is unseeded

The Snowy Mountains region was an important gathering point for the Aborigines of the Adaminaby and surrounding districts for many thousands of years, with intertribal summer meetings being held in the High Country involving up to a thousand people for feasting on the Bogong Moth. This practice continued until around 1865.[5]By making it a clockwise route I deliberately softening the pinch of the highest point. If you choose to do it anti-clockwise you might find it punctures your flow. It is pretty steep.  


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