Ritte Ace

Ritte Ace
Ritte Ace
Ritte Ace

Ritte Ace

$1,175.00 $1,075.00

“Two things scream at you the moment you get on the Ritte Ace. The power transfer is ungodly. Stamp on the pedals—from a standstill, from 17 miles per hour, or from 30 mph—and the bike goes like a stabbed rat, visceral acceleration, in and out of the saddle. No twisting head tube, no sloppy rear end. A small rider looking for instant acceleration to launch an attack on a 10-per cent grade will be equally impressed.” — Peloton Magazine

True Monocoque - Unlike most carbon frames, which are made in three or more separately molded pieces, the Ace is made as one main structure, eliminating hard joints and seams through the main tubes and joints. This allows for a more rigid frame with fewer stress points and better transfer of road feel through the frame.

Positive Molding - The Ace utilizes the most up-to-date molding process with a hard inner mold and bladder system, resulting in higher carbon compaction and more uniform wall density for a light frame and lively ride.

Grounded Geometry - The Ace uses the same well-tested, much-loved geometry from the Vlaanderen for confident, precise handling and stable descending. The design is based on a slightly longer wheelbase with better front/rear balance. 

T700/T1000 Carbon Layup - the highest possible grade of carbon that can be practically used on a road frame. The carbon works in unison with our molding technique and monocoque design to provide the best possible frame structure and ride quality.

Interchangeable Di2/Mechanical - Now Di2 and mechanical cabling is cleaner looking and easier to route with specially designed inserts. 

25+ Tire Clearance - The Ace can accept the biggest possible tires that a standard brake calliper can clear. Every brand’s 25s and many 28s can fit. 


Size Top Tube Head Tube Head Angle Seat Angle Stack Reach Wheelbase BB Drop Chainstay Fork rake
XS 515 105 71 74 505 375 973 68 410 45
S 530 115 71.5 74 514 378 984 68 410 45
M 540 140 72 74 542 385 990 68 410 45
L 565 155 73.5 73.5 559 394 996 68 410 45
XL 575 185 73.5 73.5 588 405 1006 68 410 45
XXL 590 210 74 73.5 610 414 1017 68 410 45

Frameset includes Frame, Fork, Seatpost, Seat Collar, One Derailleur Hanger, and grommets for mechanical or electronic routing.

Bottom Bracket: PF30

Seatpost: Paint matched 31.6 full-carbon.

Seat Collar Clamp: 34.9 (Included)

Front Derailleur: Braze-on

Headset: Available here

Rear Derailleur Hanger: Replaceable (available here)

Frame Weight: 900g - 1150g (XS - XXL)

Fork Weight: 370g