Hello! My name is Jorja Creighton - Also known as Jambi Jambi on Instagram. I started (not this, but another jambi-jambi website) in 2013 as a touring blog, I was a 24 year old fashion student turned bike messenger who was cycling around the world. At the time I felt an intense lack of exposure for the young creative and interesting ways in which people were touring. While there was some websites from people who blogged about their long haul tours, it felt serious, lacked the colour, fun and creativity I felt for bike touring and cycling in general. 


For the last 10 years between working as a bike messenger and touring I have run micro brand Kook Exchange, Crust Bikes Australia, owned a bike shop in Chippendale Sydney - spent my time in endless tours and collaborations looking for ways to keep my cycling lifestyle alive. 
I contribute to publications such as The Radavist, Bikepacking.com and Loop Magazine (Japan).
If you want to know more about my history - you can read this blog post from Swift Industries - 
" Everything you wanted to know about Jambi-Jambi "
Now Jambi Jambi is a creative business centered around my own competitive and casual cycling. That includes;
  • Brand collaborations
  • Events; such as Australia's premium gravel race - The Super Jambo Grom Pre
  • Importing and distribution (Jambz Distribution)
  • Route making
  • Providing inspiration and resources for the alternative cycling scene
I import small brands who are making big changes in the industry and produce premium products. Such as Squid BikesSwift Industries, Dangle SupplyCampandgoslowOmbrazUltradynamico