Big Jambz's Big Routes - how it works


  1. These routes have been designed by me jambi jambi and are free to enjoy as basic routes. 

  2. If you would like detail of the routes including but not limited to; water, resupply and types of resupply, camping locations and recommendations. This can be purchased!

  3. This paywall is presented as a product on the website. Once you buy the product I will send over the information about the route to your email supplied. 

  4. This includes the detailed Ride With GPS route and GPX file to download as well as the additional information. 

  5. The routes cost are determined by the length. As the longer the route the longer it has taken to create and make sure the information I supply is correct. 

  6. For information about water levels and dam levels etc you will need to contact the correct services. 

I truely hope that you enjoy these routes that hope to show the best of Australia. They are carefully put together for maximum enjoyment. So please enjoy! 

Love Jambz