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Think you have big Grom energy?

okay. Come along


More Information 

Why is it - Encouraging a format for gravel events that increases value in the industry, centres education, to increase and advocate for more gender and racial diversity. AND if all else fails, we get to experience the glorious gravel roads of this region....Seemed like a nice thing to do and see where it goes. 

What is it - This is an informal, self-supported 200km gravel adventure ride following primed dirt roads and fire trails on Ngarigo country - the border of ACT and NSW in the Monaro Region and Kosciuszko National Park. 

When is it - To be held on the 21st of November 2020 with an early start. However it is recommended to come for Friday afternoon events. Like a Scorcher brought to you by Squid Bikes and Ron's Bikes and Crust Bikes.

Why is it - Encouraging a format for gravel events that increases value in the industry, centres education, to increase and advocate for more gender and racial diversity. AND if all else fails, we get to experience the glorious gravel roads of this region....Seemed like a nice thing to do and see where it goes. 

Super Jambo Grom Pre 200km Gravel Event
Super Jambo Grom Pre 200km Gravel Event
50% of tickets are held for FTW and BIPOC until 3 weeks out of the event.
The event capacity is 150 - this a hard line maximum - for experience, impact on the land and COVID safe feels.

Fun provided from these industry baddies

The Grom Pre has had support from the following businesses


Rocky Mounts USA

Raffle goods, event support and Grom Grant funds

Rocky Mounts have generously donated two racks for the Grom Raffle, have given funds to cover two ticket places for the Grom Grant. And are providing racks for event management. Slayers.


Velocity USA

Raffle goods and event support

Velocity USA have generously donated goods and their services to the Grom Raffle.


Ride With GPS

Raffle goods and event support

Thank you to Ride With GPS who are offering 2 x premium subscriptions for the Grom Raffle and event support through their high level platform.


Aarn Transmission

Raffle goods and Grom Grant Support

Aarn has offered up some of their premium componentry for the Grom Raffle and funds to cover travel and ticket costs for a Grom Grant recipient




Graveleur have helped make this event safe for the participants and provided one of three of their event approvals for the year to make the Grom Pre legit and sound. They are holding a gravel event the previous weekend which you can find at the below links.


Spray Bike Australia

Raffle support and goods

Spray Bike Australia have supplied goods for the Grom Raffle and help create a colourful grand prize.


Squid Bikes

Raffle support and goods

Squid Bikes will be presenting the scorcher fixed gear side event on the friday evening. The have provided prizes and have been generous with their time and advice and logistical support.



Raffle goods

Velocio cycling apparel do an amazing job in supporting community, committing to quality. They have supplied 2 x $100 vouchers for the Grom Raffle.


Rons Bikes

Scorcher Prizes

All the way from the top of the alternative cycling scene, Rons Bikes will be providing goodies for the dirtiest and flirtiest in the side event Scorcher.


Crust Bikes

Grom Raffle goods

Everyones favourite, will be providing components and soft goods for the Grom Raffle.


Jambz Distro

Grom Raffle goods and event support

Jambz Distro will be providing items for the Grom Raffle and is the main organiser of this event. As you might be aware. lol


Your Logo Here

If you would like to join the party get in touch

Funds, goodies, service....

Morning of the Grom Pre - A Pre Creation

In what ways is it going to be inclusive?

50% of tickets will be held for FTW and BIPOC riders. There is a mission to provide some grants for those who wish to attend and need financial assistance. To be confirmed how many grants we will be able to issue. But in the mean time, if you have financial barriers that will impact you attending. Email me at boo@jambijambi.com

Where is the money for registration going?

Beyond the costs of 

1. National Park, Crown Land, processing fees

2. Providing 2 x breakfast and 2 x dinner

3. Paying speakers and people for their time

4. Offering financial assistance to BIPOC/FTW who require it

We will also be paying the rent for the use of the indigenous land we will be enjoying. 

"‘Australia’ is founded on land and labour that was stolen from Indigenous people. Of course, the wealth that has been generated by that theft is disproportionately distributed. All people who live here today, or who lived here in the past, have not benefited equally from the continuing dispossession of Indigenous people. Indeed, many are deliberately and profoundly marginalised from power and the spoils of colonialism." www.paytherent.net.au

Can I transfer my ticket or cancel?

Possibly, get in touch boo@jambijambi.com

200km is a big ask - can I get amongst without having to ride that far?


There will be a couple of other alternative routes available to ride that day. These will be provided prior to the event. You can still buy a ticket and enjoy the scenes and ride one of these smaller routes. 


We could probably use some volunteers. You can have free entry, food and the joys of riding but we will need you to do a few tasks. 

What Covid-19 precautions will you be taking?

We will be following guidelines that are current for November. But do have a Covid safe Plan in place. Details to be issued when plan is finalised.

There likely will not be a mass start, but rather a recommended time you set off and people will roll out when they see fit. That could be earlier or later. 

This will mean that there will be fewer people gathered in the one spot and the field will be already spread out to mitigate too close of proximity. 

The property we are searching for will be able to comfortably host the amount of people attending without breaching the square meterage/person ratio. 

It also goes without saying, leading up to the event a full refund and support will be given for those who are feeling unwell. 

Is this a race?

Nah, it isn't. However it is a challenging ride.  

Will there be support on the route?

This is a self-supported event. Please understand your limitations and prepare for someone to help you if you are in need. Unless you organise it, no one will be there to help you if something goes wrong.

There will be very limited phone service along the route (depending on provider).

There will be some sections you will be able to cut corners on if you are stuck. 

Don't care about the rules or route? Throw em out!  You are the master of your own adventure. Ride it backwards if you want to be really anti-conformist - you might not have many friends this way but no one is stopping you!

Prioritise Joy.

Have any questions?

This page will be continuing to add more info, but if you think that your question wont be answered here at any point get in touch. Any WTF and BIPOC participants need any assistance please get in touch. We are covering 3 tickets for those two would like to enter and have financial barriers to get there.

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