How To Get There

On this page you will find 
Ways of travel
Places to stay if you are not camping


The Yaouk Valley
Home of the Big Trout, Adaminaby will be the closest township. Adaminaby is 60 minutes past Cooma and the location of the Super Jambo Grom Pre will be roughly 30 minutes outside of Adaminaby in the Yaouk Valley.

Ways of Travel

There are a couple of ways to travel to Adaminaby.
Drive - You wont require a 4WD but there will be some graded dirt roads and grass terrain to get to the camping spot. Maybe leave the Lamborghini at home and bring the Barina. 
Interested in car poolin//sharing costs/chit chats - send me an email to BOO@JAMBIJAMBI.COM with - Name, Location, how many seats/bike room you have spare OR if you would like help finding a carpool in get in touch with similar info. I will do my best to connect you. 
BUS/TRAIN or PLANE into Canberra -
There are three options for you
1. There are connecting bus routes that get to Cooma. About 1 and a half hours of travel HERE is more info - Ticket price from Canberra to Cooma is between $17 - $28
Once you reach Cooma.
On the Friday we will offer shuttle services for a $10'er. Please get in touch. BOO@JAMBIJAMBI.COM 
Here is a nice 75km 80% gravel route for you to ride to reach the Grom Pre Estate.  
2. Ride from Canberra 
Here is a 114km 80% gravel bike route from Canberra to Grom Pre Estate  

Places to stay if you are not camping 

The Outpost - 
Sleeps 8 starting at $160 a night and additional costs per person
Second Flat Retreat - 
Sleeps 10 - and equals $210 per person for two nights if 10 people stay. 
Alpine Tourist Park - Adaminaby 
Prices starting from $30 Per person
The Snow Goose - Adaminaby 
Currently does not appear to be open to overnight stays. And unable to book. This might change the closer we get to November.
Glendaruel Cottage - Adaminaby 
Ideal for two couples at $150 a night
AirBNB listings - HERE