How To Get There

On this page you will find 
Ways of travel
Places to stay if you are not camping


Where the wild rivers flow, apparently. Walcha is the closest town - Walcha is 1 hours driver south of Armidale, and 1 hours drive to Tamworth. The location of the Super Jambo Grom Pre will be 15/20 minutes drive from Walcha. 

Ways of Travel

There are a couple of ways to travel to Walcha.
Drive - You won't require a 4WD but there will be some graded dirt roads and grass terrain to get to the camping spot. Maybe leave the Lamborghini at home and bring the Barina. 
Interested in car poolin//sharing costs/chit chats - send me an email to ASH@JAMBIJAMBI.COM with - Name, Location, how many seats/bike room you have spare OR if you would like help finding a carpool in get in touch with similar info. I will do my best to connect you. 
TRAIN into Walcha Road Station-
This is a train where you would have to box your bike up. 
1. Here is a route to the campsite if you are choosing this option.

Places to stay if you are not camping 

AirBNB - Here is the search in the appropriate area. 


Walcha Motel -
3 star - Weekend rates around $130 per night.

The Commercial Hotel - 

Pub Accomodation