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The Evasion frame is designed around 26+ (26″ x 2.8 can also fit 3″.)  tires on 45mm rims, for when you want to take those roads less traveled (which may or may-not really be roads.) But It’s just as happy on a 650b tire (27.5″) up to x 2.4

This bike is designed for dirt touring/ bike packing and all round getting loose!

It’s a randonneur bike on steroids, “The Satanic Rando” if you will. Comfortable for the long haul, but fast and nimble, while still being ready for some pretty technical/rough riding; if that’s what the route throws your way.

Its got rack mounts and water bottle bosses just were you would expect them and a nice long head tube, to get you in a comfy spot, for long days in the saddle, without a Fugly tower of spacers.

The dropouts are Paragon copies. So you will be able to run thru axel rear, skewer, geared, single speed or a Rolloff.

( Note Dropouts are NOT Paragon made, they are Taiwanese frame components designed to accept Paragon inserts. If you buy replacement Paragon inserts and they don’t for some reason fit, please contact us and not Paragon to resolve the issue. We have not had any issues, I just want to make it perfectly clear that if an insert did not fit, it should not reflect negatively on Paragon, because Paragon did not design or manufacture the frame components.)

The front fork is 100mm X 15mm thru axel.

The rear spacing comes 135mm QR. Switch the dropout plates to thru axle for 148 boost spacing.

The post is 27.2.

Head tube is 1,1/8.

Bottom bracket is a 73mm English threaded.

Notes about the Evasion frame geometry-

All sizes have sloping top tubes of different angles and a relatively large head tube extension to create more standover clearance and achieve a more comfortable bar height.

The “Imaginary” seat tube length is measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the intersection of an imaginary level top tube.  This is sort of the same idea as “Effective” top tube lengths.

Bottom bracket height, standover clearance, and trail are all calculated with a 356mm (14″) radius tire.

This frame was designed around 26+ tires, you should also find plenty of clearance for 650b x 2.5″ tires.

If you want to go to thru axle and make your bike 148mm rear spacing then these are the drop outs you need. TRUST ME, THESE ARE THE ONES YOU WANT TO MAKE THE BIKE 148mm! THEY WILL NOT MAKE THE BIKE 142mm ( unless it is an older Evasion.) This is due to the rocker plates that come with the bike being made thicker to allow the bike to go from 135 to 148. Just buy the drop outs listed below and trust that it goes to 148 if you have a newer model Evasion.

Frame and fork made in Taiwan.

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