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Made in Taiwan out of 7050 heat treated aluminum.

measured in the drops. 

Behold, the widest drop bar in the known world. If you know of a place in the unknown world where something wider exists, I would enjoy vacationing there. Another emotion you may be experiencing is, “are these just an internet gimmick, and fodder for @bicyclepubes?” 

 —-I’ll explain 

 In my 21 years of life I lived through the MTB craze of the 90s. Stems were 140mm long, and handlebars were 50cm wide. It was weird, but we were all too busy sketchy skidding our 26×1.9 smoke/dart combos down hiking trails to really complain. Flash ahead to the normalized MTB world of 50mm stems and 800mm handlebars that we live in today. Why do they get to be so verily comfortable while our slumped, pigeon chested bodies are negated to 38-46mm “wide” bars??? WHYYYY???? 

 I don’t know, so that’s why we made these.


  1. Double the width, double the hand positions. That’s scientifically proven. Look it up.
  2. Takes pressure away from the smaller muscles in your arms (mainly triceps) and spreads it out to the much larger and showier muscles in yer pecs. Think of riding yer bike as a trip to the PECK DECK. “Attention peck deck, we’re ready for bläst off, etc.”
  3. Opens up your chest for more efficient breathing. 
  4. Better control, obvs.
  5. Jan says low trail bikes need narrow bars. He’s right for him, and likely many others, but not for me, and possibly not for you. They feel great on low trail bikes! For real! Don’t try to explain that one scientifically.
  6. You can fit huge bags in the front without worrying about clearing the drops.
  7. They’re aero as a really wide arrow. 
  8. Put cross levers on the flats, and you basically have a shreddy flat bar.
  9. Shock absorption. With the 8 degree upsweep, 15 degree back sweep and 115mm drop, there is built in pre-loaded sus. There are parts of your bike that you don’t want to be stiff. Handlebars are one of them. That’s why we keep it 26.0
  10. Don’t like 26.0? WhatRU gOin for the green jersey in the TDF??? Drink the reverse engineer juice and put in a shim if yer too attached to yer 31.8 stem. It’s easy!
  11. If none of this works for you, It’s a back scratcher. The proprietary bend really reach the places you don’t ever wanna touch with yer hands.  This is especially helpful if you are employed in the food service industry.
  12. A short stem is recommended with these for maximum love.

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