Super Jambo Grom Pre 1000 km Bike Packing Adventure

The Super Jambo Grom Pre 1000km Self Supported Bike Packing Adventure

The Super Jambo Grom Pre XXX is a 1000 km and 600 km route done once a year together starting and finishing in Walcha, NSW. 2022 was the first year this event took place and will be returning for 2023. Registration and date information available later this year.

These routes can be done solo or with your friends throughout the year. The routes are available for purchase and comes with information such as camping, resupply, water sources, recommended places to stay and additional information to help you have a fun ride.

Link to 1000km Grom Pre Route 

Link to 600km Grom Pre Route 

The Grom Pre XXX is apart of the Super Jambo Grom Pre Event Series. This includes a 200km gravel race in the Snowy Monaro. Which will be returning for 2022 in Novemeber. 


A 1000km or 600km bike packing/touring ride on the Northern Tablelands hosted by Jambi Jambi. This ride is self supported 10 day (approximate) ride, traversing the unique landscape and townships of the New England in NSW.


The route starts and finishes in the township of Walcha, NSW on the Northern Tablelands.


Suggested start dates are between 3rd and the 8th of January. Giving yourself 7 to 13 days to complete it. 
The idea is to have a grand finish, with a mass camp on the Walcha Showground on the 15th of January.
Registration is open to anyone and is $15+GST to register to cover processing fees. 


The ride was inspired by the notoriously difficult Hunt 1000; which travels from Canberra to Melbourne. The Super Jambo Grom Pre aims to create a more accessible but still challenging 1000km route that is not limited to the elite cyclist.

Jambi Jambi is targeting the event to a wider audience, looking to highlight the growing diversity of the bike industry

Closer to the date the route will be released. This route will be free without Points Of Interest (POI’s) included on the route. For those who would like the full details of resupply, water sources, camping options and more detail. This can be purchased for $100 at the same time as the route being released. 

This purchase of the route will also get you vouchers, discounts and access to the mass camping on the showground on the 15th of January. 

Gather your friends...and

Further information 

Ride Highlights

  • Premium, quiet country road gravel
  • Resupply in the high country towns
  • Sleeping under the stars 
  • A beer in the country pubs
  • A hike a bike section 
  • Riding the Bicentennial Trail
  • Travelling through old growth rainforest and National parks


  • Be prepared for hot weather - while this is the high country and lower summer temps are expected. It is still hot and sunny Australia. Bring your Zinc and hydralite. 
  • Be prepared for storms and weather changes. Weather in the high country can be unpredictable. 
  • Treat your drinking water - This is cattle grazing country, the rivers will need filtration systems or tablets. 
  • Snakes - Keep an eye out for sunbaking snakes. 


  • Camping will be marked out on the bought version of the route this will have specific camping, hut, and accomodation locations. 

Food and Water

  • Food - food resupply are roughly every two days or less. Plan accordingly. The bought version of the route will have food resupply marked on GPX file. 
  • Water - treat all water before drinking. Reliable water can be up to 100km apart. Water will be marked on the bought route GPX.
  • Pub meals - will be marked on the bought version of the route. 
  • General Stores - will be marked on the bought version of the route.


If you have questions email me at